Low Power & Improved Graphics Dual Core Processor

Date: 2012-07-16

Low Power Dual Core Processor
   2012 New Atom Dual Core Platform

CPU TDP (3.5/6.5/10W) & Average Power lower than Pine Trail (6.5/10/13W)
Display options include two digital ports for extra LVDS/HDMI/ VGA options
Two times improved graphics with two HD video support
Faster DDR3 memory up to 1066MHz
HD decoding with Blu-ray support
Specification comparison
  Navy Pier (N270) Pine Trail (D525/D425/N455) Cedar Trail (D2550/N2800/N2600)
Process 45nm 45nm 32nm
Processor Frequency N270: 1.6GHz D525/D425: 1.8GHz
N455: 1.66GHz
D2550: 1.86GHz
N2800: 1.86GHz
N2600: 1.6GHz
CPU TDP N270: 2.5W D525: 13W
D425: 10W
N455: 6.5W
D2550: 10W
N2800: 6.5W
N2600: 3.5W
945GSE: 5.5W
ICH7M: 1.9W
ICH8M: 2W Intel® NM10: 1.5W
Memory DDR2 400/533MHz
(2GB max.)
DDR2/DDR3 up to 667MHz for N455 800MHz for D525/D425 (4GB max.) DDR3 1066MHz for D2550/ N2800 (4GB max.) DDR3 800MHz for N2600 (2GB max.)
Graphics DX9, OGL 1.4 DX9, OGL 1.5 DX9, OGL 3.0
Gfx @ 133 MHz Gfx @ 200 MHz (N455)
Gfx @ 400MHz (D525/ D425)
Gfx @ 400 MHz (N2600)
Gfx @ 640MHz (D2550/ N2800)
Video Decoding MPEG-2 Discrete 3rd part decoder MPEG-2, H.264, VC-1/WMV9 Up to 1080p decoding
Block diagram

   IEI Cedar Trail Solutions Feature Upgrade

Complete display interface supported
HDMI supports up to 1080p and 5.7” ~ 42” LCD panel supported by on-board 24-bit dual channel LVDS for the digital signage market.
Wide range 9 ~ 28VDC input on board
IEI offers two DC input options without an extra power module.
Industrial storage option
A. Flexible PCIe Mini card solution
Supports mSATA SSD or wireless device connection

B. Bootable microSD design
The SLC flash delivers the most reliable microSD card with outstanding performance and excellent endurance.

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