Date: 2012-09-25

IEI Reased EPIC SBC with Intel® Atom™ Processor D2550/N2600 and DDR3 Memory Support

【Taipei, Taiwan, September 25, 2012】 IEI Technology Corp. (IEI), the global industrial computing innovator, announced the launch of the NANO-CV-D25502/N26002, an EPIC SBC which supports the Intel® Atom™ D2550 or N2600 dual-core processor and DDR3 memory up to 4GB. The NANO-CV-D25502/N26002 features wide range 9V ~ 28V DC input and supports PCIe Mini card slot compatible with mSATA SSD storage.

NANO-CV-D25502/N26002 is the first IEI EPIC board to be implemented with an enclosure heatsink for easy fanless assembly solution. Most of the heat will be spread to by the whole system surface. The NANO-CV-D25502/N26002 includes two VGA connectors and one 18/24-bit single channel LVDS connector supporting dual-display configuration. Its outstanding fanless solution and dual display function are especially ideal for automation embedded system and defense applications.

All IEI Intel® Atom™ series SBCs include IEI’s unique One Key Recovery software. The software eliminates the frustration of system recovery after unexpected system failure. One Key Recovery is an easy way to create full system backup on demand and system restoration to a previously made backup with a single click.

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